Structural Alterations in London

Structual alterations in London

At MTA London Construction Ltd we prides ourselves on being able to fulfill all customer requirements for structural alterations in London.

If you are looking to change the appearance of your property, be it internally, externally, or both, then it is likely that your home will need to undergo some kind of structural alteration. Adjusting the structure of your home gives you scope to make the most of your living space, and get things just the way you want them.

Why choose to undergo structural alterations?

Structural alterations are the best way to adjust your home so that it is in keeping with your lifestyle. Do you want to open out two rooms in your home to create an open plan aesthetic? What about adding a nice long multi-fold door that lets the light flood into your lounge, or creating a space for relaxation by adding a conservatory to your home?

Making structural alterations empowers you with the ability to create a living environment that is purpose-built for your lifestyle. Another important consideration is the value that structural alterations can add to your home. In many cases the value that alterations add to a property, far outweigh the initial outlay, making structural alterations a great investment.

Why choose MTA London Construction Ltd for your Structural Alteration?

MTA LC Ltd has got over 15 years experience in the construction industry. Since then we have worked to build ourselves an excellent reputation that is based upon high standards and impeccable attention to detail, sourcing the best materials and presenting our clients with outstanding value. We see this as a testament to both our standards and our approach – the respect and sensitivity with which we treat our clients and their ambitions.

At MTA LC Ltd we deal with all types of structural alteration, including:

  • Structural openings.
  • Dormas.
  • House extensions.
  • Removing structural walls.
  • Load bearing steel work.
  • Re-modelling.
  • Adding doors and windows.
  • Conservatories.
  • Through-lounges.
  • Forming new openings.
  • Chimney stacks removals.
  • Re-designing living space.
  • Structural engineer services.
Structual alterations in London

The process

At MTA LC Ltd we start by arranging an informal meeting with you, to ensure that there is, from the word go, an implicit understanding on our part, of your exact wishes and what it is you want to achieve. This filters down through the entire company and ensures that each and every member of our highly experienced team is aware of your exact specifications. We then arrange for you to meet with one of our architects, so that your vision can be discussed in terms of feasibility, and any likely limitations that may need to be overcome.

With everything approved, we are ready to commence work on your structural alteration. This is something we approach with a unique sensitivity. At all times, we strive to avoid the unsettlement that can cause unnecessary stress. We work efficiently and tidily, and each member of our team conducts themselves with the utmost respect for you and your neighborhood. At MTA LC Ltd our satisfaction is driven by yours, which is why project completion is dictated by your total satisfaction.

What we promise to do whilst completing your project

  • Guarantee that only fully qualified, competent, reliable and trustworthy trade persons will be working on your project
  • Interact with you as our client from the beginning of the project right to the very end
  • Consistently work with you as the client and maintain the specification
  • Keep to the agreed price for your specific project with a FREE no obligation quote
  • Keep the project free from mess, tidy up after ourselves and work to the health and safety regulations
  • Have the correct and up-to-date insurances for all of our employees working on your project

What we promise we won't do whilst completing your project

  • Sub-contract our work to any other company or trade persons, all our work is carried out by employees
  • Hide any hidden charges away from you as the client, any extras you wish to add throughout the project will be discussed immediately
  • Leave a project with a health and safety risk which could create a hazard or cause others harm
  • Leave a project and an unsatisfied client

Commitment and time scheduling

MTA LC Ltd has got a great reputation for completing their projects on an agreed time scale; here we believe that it is our duty to make sure our projects are finished before the allocated deadline. When a deadline is approaching sufficient trade persons will be applied to the project so that the finishing date can be met.

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